Derek Bannister - General Manager/Owner

Derek Bannister

General Manager/Owner
Saskatchewan born and raised, Derek is constantly focused on improvments in customer service through strong communication, strengthening team spirit and teamwork. With a sound business code of ethics, Banner will work hard to be your Powersports Dealer of choice. Derek is a member of mentor programs such as "Spader" and "TEC / VISTAGE",
Elaine Morneau - Controller

Elaine Morneau

Elaine has been with the company since 2000. Known for her ability to find and reconcile to the last penny, nothing goes unnoticed without Elaine's watchful eye. Elaine would be an asset to any company.
Stuart Gillies - Finance Manager

Stuart Gillies

Finance Manager
An avid quadder and sledder, Stuart currently owns an 08' Renegade 800X, and he is a big fan of the outdoors. He started working at Banner in July 2011, and has a background in sales of automotive aftermarket parts and ABS bags.
Jeff Ryan - Pac Coordinator

Jeff Ryan

Pac Coordinator
Jeff has been on the motor-sport industry for quite some time now, born and raised in Vernon he has owned and ridden almost everything that can be owned and ridden. He is happy to be part of Banner and looks forward to seeing his old friends and customers as well as new ones.

Banner Vernon

Cameron Ratzlaff - General Manager

Cameron Ratzlaff

General Manager
Garet Leger - Sales

Garet Leger

Cameron Langdon - Parts

Cameron Langdon

Mike Ross - Service

Mike Ross

I have been an avid sledder since 1997 and currently own and ride a 2015 Summit X T3 174”. I live and breathe power sports and enjoy getting out on the water and dirt too. I have worked in this industry since 2008 and look forward to many more.
Steve Kronbauer - Technician

Steve Kronbauer

Steve has been in the mechanical field for several years. He was a marine mechanic for 3 years; and his certified technician here at Banner Recreation. In his spare time Steve enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, riding quads and being out doors.
Dave Specht - Shipper / Receiver / Parts

Dave Specht

Shipper / Receiver / Parts

Banner Kelowna

Jeff Schwartz - General Manager

Jeff Schwartz

General Manager
As our General Manager, Jeff has extensive knowledge in the powersports industry, especially snowmobiles. He is an avid snowmobiler and is a member of the Kelowna snowmobile club. Jeff will take good care of you and make sure you get the best at Banner!
Colin Rooy - Sales Associate

Colin Rooy

Sales Associate
Greg Dupuy - Sales Associate

Greg Dupuy

Sales Associate
Greg has eagerly accepted his new role as our Sales associate, with vast experience in warranty and parts as Greg has worked in both Vernon and Kelowna stores. We know Greg is a perfect fit to look after all your sales needs.
Adam Titford - Parts & Service Manager

Adam Titford

Parts & Service Manager
Adam has just joined the Banner team as our new Parts & Service Manager. His background is Customer Service and he has gained this experience from his previous positions in the automotive & parts industries. He is also a power sports junkie and loves his Triumph so come in and say hi to Adam the next time you are in.
Cody Strong - Parts & Accessories

Cody Strong

Parts & Accessories
Banner is pleased to welcome Cody Strong as our newest team member. Cody is an avid snowmobiler and has a vast knowledge of all BRP products. Cody has a passion for the power sports industry which makes him a perfect fit for his new position.
Randall Molnar - Service Advisor

Randall Molnar

Service Advisor
Kevin Kozma - Technician

Kevin Kozma

Kevin came to Banner with mechanical and electrical experience. He began working in the parts and service department, working one-on-one with the customers. After two years he moved on to more industrial work, but later returned to help lead the service department. He is also the proud owner of a 2006 Summit 1250cc X package.
Nelson Huber - Technician

Nelson Huber

Kelowna has been lucky to attain such a great technician. Nelson has been with us since late 2006!
Alan Ross - Technician

Alan Ross

CJ Vickers - Lot / Tech Apprentice

CJ Vickers

Lot / Tech Apprentice

Banner Golden

Tim Potvin - General Manager

Tim Potvin

General Manager
Shannon Mason - Sales Specialist

Shannon Mason

Sales Specialist
Jordyn Hillier - Parts

Jordyn Hillier

Dave Hickman - Technician

Dave Hickman

Aaron Lee - Technician

Aaron Lee

Dave Glebe - Logistics / Tech Apprentice

Dave Glebe

Logistics / Tech Apprentice

Banner Racing Team Racing Team

Brandi Denis - Motocross

Brandi Denis

I started riding dirt bikes when I was 12 years old. I rode tight trails with my dad for 4 years but had always wanted to try motocross racing. In April 2008, I bought a KX 100, started racing and fell in love with the sport. April 2009, I bought my KX250F, got my dad into racing and enjoyed the 2009 racing season. I am very excited for this season of racing. Maybe this year I’ll beat my dad!!
Marc Denis - Motocross

Marc Denis

I got I started racing when I was, 16 years old. Took a break when I got married in 1990, had two children. Decided to get back on to trail riding in 1999. Was able get my family on bikes in 2005. In 2008 my daughter decided she wanted to try motocross racing and eventually talked me in to hitting the motocross track style racing at the end of 08 season. I enjoyed the races and was confident in my results and my ability, so along with my daughter we gave it all for the 09 season. A injury (broken wrist) slowed me for a couple months of the season. I have been training regularly to get into shape for the 2010 year and look forward to a sucessfull year on the track with my daughter.
Matt Brunelle - Offroad Racing

Matt Brunelle

Offroad Racing
Although new to the off-road racing scene, Matt Brunelle has been enjoying over 20 years of trail riding with his long time friends. Born and raised in Vernon, Matt is actively involved in his family business and enjoys spending time with his wife of 9 years and three young children. It wasn’t until this year that he made a choice to try his hand at racing on a more serious level. Matt has been riding Kawasakis for a long time and is looking forward to the challenges that this year will bring.
Travis Dunbar - Offroad Racing

Travis Dunbar

Offroad Racing
Travis is 32 years of age and has been riding dirt bikes since being a child. Travis has been recreationally racing in local Hare Scramble and Off-Road races at the amateur level for most of his adult life. In the past 3 or 4 years he has been aggressively racing and competing within both the Pacific Northwest Motorcycle Association and the Okanagan Hare Scramble Series for Points. An active member and Director of the Vernon Off-Road Motorcycle Club, Travis helps maintain our local trail system, host off-road race events and advocate for responsible shared land use.