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Kayli Dentman | Sledder

Bio: I'm a sledder living in Golden, BC. I started riding snowmobiles at age 3 and have been addicted ever since...thanks to my pops! My dad and I have been travelling to the mountains for the past 18 years riding almost every weekend. Then one day, I decided it's exactly where I need to be. I am out in the back country 80+ days each season, making each one count. Sledding has not only been my passion but also my lifestyle for several years. I have dedicated all my time and energy into sledding and now teaching others who are beginners and intermediate with StayWild Backcountry. If you see me on the mountain, don't hesitate to come say hi and to test out my Banner Recreation Ski-Doo, as I'm very honored to be partnered with them!

Dorrie Miller | Sledder

Dorrie Miller 2019

Bio: I hang my helmets in Parson, BC and have been sledding and quading the area since 2004. I am a very loyal BRP rider! Working out at the gym fuels me between rides and the rides give more purpose to my workout routine. I love being an ambassador for Banner Recreation & Marine and part of the “Banner” family. I’m proof that any woman that loves the outdoors and has a sense of adventure can sled and/or quad in the backcountry.  My current moto is “Make tracks, don’t follow them.” See you on the mountain! Follow my adventures on Instagram @dorriemiller6.

Devon Tanner | Sledder